कब मिलेगी महंगाई से राहत | When will you get relief from inflation

 कब मिलेगी महंगाई से राहत  When will you get relief from inflation.

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Be a vegetable that is dying every day in the house, man keep everyone healthy.Or some everyday expense? This is not possible.  A common man withdraws money and the sting of inflation stings him. In fact, due to bad weather and supply in India, the balance of inflation has deteriorated. 

Due to this there has been a huge loss of fruits and vegetables, due to which the inflation of Basmati rice has increased. As far as the price of tomato is up to ₹ 40 in the market, then up to ₹ 80 in retail. Similarly ₹ 20 in brinjal market and 40 in retail.
Similarly ₹ 15 in Bottle gourd market and 30 in retail. Now this attack of inflation is ready to happen from all sides.


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