Global Markets: Asia Trades Mixed, Sell-Off On Wall Street | Power Breakfast

Global Markets: Asia Trades Mixed, Sell-Off On Wall Street | Power Breakfast 

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Those in just a bit but first up let's go through what's happening as far as the global markets are concerned let's start off with asia and it's looking quite mixed after that week handover. 

That we got from wall street so you have the hansen and nikai which are actually quite weak there's uh hansen is down around 250 points nick i seen cuts of 150 points at the start taiwan also and cosby also seeing some red uh so you're seeing cuts of around a quarter of a percent on both of these but for the rest of the asian markets they have moved back into the green and this move has come pretty much in the last 15 20 minutes.

So you have shanghai which is absolutely flat straits is around eight tenths of a percent higher that one seems to be holding up well and the sgx nifty will also come up for you that one is indicating quite a flat start for our own markets we're around 25 points higher right now on the stx nifty but with that let's also talk about the us markets then wall street ended.

A volatile week uh much lower so the tech stocks led the selloff on friday cnbc's christina is standing by to get us all of that action u.s markets ending an ugly week on a down note though the major averages finished off their worst levels of the day the dow off 59 points the s p dipping 38 in the nasdaq sliding 295 points the economy added just 210 000 jobs last month.

According to the labour department's november employment report that's well below the 570 000 most economists were expecting and that weakness comes before fears over the omicron variant were baked into expectations hopes were high for a big number after the economy added more than 500 000 jobs in october. 

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