Forgot Apple ID Password? 4 Ways to Reset Apple ID Password in 2022


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Don't worry, here I am to help you out and find your apple id and recover its password. The easiest way to know your apple id is right from your iphone or mac. Navigate to settings On your profile picture, it will show your apple id and on your mac, open system preferences. Yes, my friend, your PC's web browser can assist have saved your apple id login details in your web browser, then it will prompt you to autofill it. 

Just in case it didn't work out, then the next method, which is with the help of your mailbox, will help you out to find your apple id in your mail inbox. Search for an email that you have received from the apple Try with different keywords like "no reply" at It may not show your full email address for security reasons, and it is possible that you have not kept your email address as your apple id; in that case, you can retry your apple id from Apple's official website,

Now. enter your first and last name and the email address from which you have received emails from Apple. Hit continue and it will show your apple id. Thank God you found your apple id. Now let's learn how you can reset the password for that apple id. The very first way is with your iphone or ipad. 

Navigate to settings. On your profile, tap on password and security. On this screen, select Change Password. Enter your iPhone passcode. Open system preferences on your Mac and select Apple ID. on password and security. Select "Change password" It seemed so simple at the time, but what if I misspoke? you don't have an iphone, an iPad, or a Mac, is there any way around to change the password of your Apple ID? 

The answer is yes, and right over here you need the help of your friend. Install the Apple support app on a friend's device. From the app, select the topic "password and security." Select "Reset Apple ID Password" and tap on "Get Started Now." Select a different apple id from the drop-down menu. continue. Now enter your Apple ID. 

Tap to next. From this screen, enter your recovery contact number. Select the option "Can not access your Apple devices" and it will send a code to your recovery contact number. Enter the code and it will prompt you to enter the passcode or password of your Apple device. With this easiest way, we finally recovered the password of your apple id. Do that and verify the same with this easiest way. Now let me ask you one question. 

Now let me share the last method. That is the precautionary method, and that is with the help of account recovery software This feature was introduced by Apple in iOS 15, iPad OS 15, and Mac OS 15.The only requirement is that your friend has an iPhone, iPad, or Mac and that they are running iOS 15 on their iPad, Mac, or later now on your iPhone. to settings Select your profile, then password and security.

Choose Account Recovery.Add a contact, search for a contact, and then tap "Add."Following their verification, you can request that a trusted contact recover your Apple ID password on your user or iPhone via the account recovery option.And with that last tip, we have reached the end of this video. I hope I was able to assist you in recovering your apple id and resetting your password, as well as preventing you from forgetting your apple id and password.

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