Omicron Update : Omicron के ख़तरे के बीच, Covid Test Kit से घर पर जाँच कितनी ज़रूरी?


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In the midst of the third wave of corona, the Government of India has issued new guidelines regarding who should get the corona test done and who should not.  Now if you do not have symptoms of corona and you want to get the test done simply because you have recently come in contact with someone who has been Kovid positive then you do not need to get the test done.  

But if you have another disease and your age is above 60 years, then you can get corona test done.  According to the new guidelines of the Government of India, there is no need to conduct a Kovid 19 test after the completion of the day of home isolation or at the time of discharge from the hospital or even while traveling from one state to another.  

On the other hand, statistics are showing that the number of corona testers is increasing day by day by bringing test kits at home amidst increasing new cases every day.

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