Top 22 Video Game Fails of Each Year (2000 - 2021)

Top 22 Video Game Fails of Each Year (2000 - 2021)

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Today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 22 video game fails of each year from 2000 to 2021. Now that's what I call a bowel movement for this list. We're primarily looking at the industry side of gaming rather than games that were just bad by themselves. Let us know in the comments which you think is the most embarrassing. 2000 Shenmue Yamagisan almost got run over as well; the car was going so fast that he was shocked and fell. Shenmue was released in North America for the Dreamcast in the year 2000. remains one of the most influential games ever made. 

It was a stunning 3D open world that was huge for the time, featuring many memorable characters and tonnes of immersive elements like having to actually dial every individual number into the phone. But financially, Shenmue was an absolute disaster, but Liu's son's father is in the hospital now, so his family's having a hard time. Its development cost soared to 70 million dollars for both the first and second games, making it the most expensive game ever made at the time. 

It was so expensive that every single dreamcast owner would have had to buy the game twice for it to be profitable. He's such a poser. He thinks riding a hog makes him look cool, but it doesn't. He ain't a real biker. In 2001 the dreamcast died. Take Ben Jackson, for instance. He used to be a big PlayStation fan, but now it lays the rest of his attentions on the dreamcast, perhaps due to trying to platform ridiculous games like Shenmue the Sega The dreamcast was confined to two annals of video game history in 2001 when it was unceremoniously discontinued barely three years after its original release in Japan. 

Considering the sega genesis lifespan was an entire decade, the dreamcast's meagre three years looks even more disappointing. Though the Saturn didn't fare much better, saying this is by far the best sports simulator ever brought to gaming by the early 2000s, sega just couldn't hold its own in the hardware market against the widely successful ps1 and ps2, not to mention the n64. 

In the end, Sega dropped out of the console wars and began focusing on software instead, despite having a solid machine that was hundreds of millions of dollars in the red. There are still a few titles that gamers would like to see released in the United States. really hope that C-Man gets announced for the US market in 2002. No first amendment Hey, I'm Joey. Luci said you were reliable, so come back later. '

There might be some work for you all right. Despite being disproved time and time again, the debate around whether violent video games are harmful rages on even today, but back in 2002, it was a different story. In this often-overlooked chapter of history, U.S. Judge Stephen Limaugh ruled in April 2002 that video games were so dangerous that they should not be protected under the first amendment, in stark contrast to violent movies. course, this didn't last for long. 

By 2011, there were far fewer censorship and violent games in America. Limbaugh failed to ban video games, and today nobody knows who he is. 2003 Nokia N Gauge is a smartphone app.if you wanted to play games on the go your only real option was a game boy of course game boys were great and had plenty of outstanding titles so this wasn't much of an issue unless you're a cell phone company that desperately wants a piece of that portable gaming pie that's why nokia released the n-gage in 2003.

A tiny handheld device that wasn't just a games console it also had an mp3 player built in and some actual cell phone functionality but it was still a total flop it had a lot of good ideas since the iphone would later successfully combine all those features but they just didn't coalesce into a device anybody actually wanted 2004 ea spouse this was probably the first ever window we got into the crunch culture that remains rife in the gaming industry and it was a massive fail on the part of ea writing anonymously at the time aaron hoffman wrote a long public blog post detailing.

How her husband was working extremely long gruelling hours on the sims as he was stuck in the office for 12 hour days six days a week in fact it was a disaster for ea but ultimately their failure to have reasonable labour practises at the time led to the company being one of the better ones for crunch in the 2020s albeit with plenty of other problems 2005 conquer live and reloaded he better hurry up what are you looking at nothing sia this filthy 3d platformer hit the n64 in 2001 bringing with it foul language and dirty jokes all of which served to make it iconic however shortly after making it the golden days for rare were over and the company was acquired by microsoft in 2002. 

What followed was a remaster on the original xbox one which is widely regarded as a deeply inferior product watch some of that stuff yeah cash prizes not only are the uncanny graphics downright unpleasant to look at but much of its beloved toilet humour was bizarrely censored you'd think that nintendo would have been the company to tone down the game rather than microsoft now that's what i call a bowel movement 2006 okami

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