अब पता करे आपके Location पे कितनी Internet Speed आ रहीहै | कहीं Net के नाम पे बेवकूफ तो नही बन रहेहै


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Many times it happens that our data packet is full, we also take high speed internet, but despite that the network at our location is not proper, even if we complain, where to do and what to do that how slow our internet is coming.  

But you will get rid of this problem, wherever you are sitting, you will be able to check whether your internet provider is giving you that speed or not, just by typing three words you will be able to check your internet speed.  

Internet speed will be known, at the same time internet speed test tells that how much speed is coming on your mobile.  I have rated rose and now you will know your internet by typing the pin words on google, know how to check internet speed from your mobile first you have to go to google and type run speedtest after that you will get internet speed.

The dialog box of the test will appear in which it will be written 35 to  Check your internet speed in this dialog box, you have to click on it  Remember that while doing the test, you have to keep in mind that we do this test and the results of this test are in the public domain, in this way I have your IP address and testy data of this year, although there is no other  Information is no longer written


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