पाकिस्तान में तख्ता पलट की पूरी कहानी I pakistan no confidence motion full details


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Political stir is intensifying in Pakistan.  Overnight the coup was overthrown and Shahbaz Sharif became the new Wazir-e-Azam of Pakistan in place of Imran Khan.  How did this whole game happen?  How did Imran get out of power overnight?  How did Shahbaz Sharif reach the position of Prime Minister of Pakistan?  

How easy will the road to power be for Shahbaz Sharif?  How many scars are there in Shahbaz's arm?  Let us try to find answers to many such questions in this video.  Pakistan has not changed its history till now.  

Till now no prime minister in the history of Pakistan has completed his term.  After the partition of India in 1947, when Pakistan came into existence, there were also efforts to establish democracy.  But democracy never took root in Pakistan.  Imran Khan was out of power, which was being speculated for a long time.

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