Important question and answer related to human body

Important question and answer related to human body

Red blood cells are formed?
in the bone marrow

Life span of red blood cell?
120 days

Life span of white blood cell?
1 to 4 days

What is a white blood cell called?
Leukocyte Leukocytes

Red blood cells are called?
Erythrocyte Erythrocytes

What is the temperature controller of the body?
Hypothalamus Gland Hypothalamus Gland

Universal Donor of Humans?

The instrument used to measure blood pressure is called?
Sphygmomanometer Sphygmomanometer

What is called 'Blood Bank [Blood Bank]'?

Where does the digestion of food begin?
by mouth

How is the digested food absorbed?
Small Intestine In Small Intestine

Bile is secreted?
Liver by Liver

Vitamin 'A' [Vitamin 'A'] is stored in?
in the liver

The largest gland of the body [Largest Gland]?

Smallest gland [Small Gland] (Master Gland)?

Number of ribs [Ribs] in human being?
12 pair

What is the total number of bones in the body?

Total number of muscles in the body?

The enzyme found in saliva [Saliva] is [Enzyme]?
Tylin Taylin

Where is sex determination done?
Male Chromosomes on Men Chromosomes

The human heart is [Human Heart]?
four cell

What is the number of chromosomes found in the body?

The largest organ of the body [Largest Organ]?

The largest cell in the body?
nervous system

Number of amino acids [Amino Acids] in the body?

Urine is made daily in the body?
1.5 liters

Urine smells bad because?
Urea Due to Urea

What is the pH value of human urine (acidic)?

What is the normal body temperature?
98.6°F' or '37°C' or '310 Kelvin'

A bone called tibia is found in the human body?
in feet

What is the essential element for the structure of teeth and bones?
Calcium and Phosphorus

Helps in clotting of blood?
Platelets Platelets

Study of brain and head is related to?
Phrenology Phrenology

The gas inhaled in maximum quantity during respiration is?

Who is the living fossil [Abundant Gas]?

What causes Meenimata disease?
Due to mercury pollution in water

What is the science that studies human skin called?
Dermatology Dermatologist

The science that studies insects is called?

Pitta [Bile] is produced by which organ?
Liver Liver

Who does the work of blood bank [Blood Bank] in the human body?
Spleen Spleen

What is the function of hemoglobin in the body?
Oxygen transport

What is contained in hemoglobin?

The blood in the human body does not clot due to the presence of?

Antibodies are produced by whom in the plasma of blood?
Lymphocytes Lymphocytes

What is called the cremation of red blood cells [RBC]?

What is synthesized in the Krebs Cycle?
Pyruvic Acid Pyruvic Acid

Where is urea produced in the human body?

In which organ do the impurities of the blood go and filter it?
in the kidneys

Where does the process of respiration take place?

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