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Today Current Affairs In English 22 September 2022


Today Current Affairs In English 22 September 2022

Question 1:- Which state government has decided to increase the reservation of Scheduled Castes from 6% to 10%?

Answer:- Jharkhand State Government.

Question 2:- Which state government has decided to set up a body like 'NITI Aayog'?

Answer:- Maharashtra State Government.

Question 3:- Which state government has recently launched '512 New Indira Rasoi'?

Answer:- Rajasthan State Government.

Question 4:- Who has signed technology transfer agreement with Biovate for commercial production of Lumpy Skin Disease Vaccine?

Answer:- ICAR.

Question 5:- Which day is celebrated all over the world on 21st September 2022?

Answer :- Rose Day

Question 6:- Which state government has notified 'Nanjarayan Tank' as 'Bird Sanctuary'?

Answer:- Tamil Nadu State Government.

Question 7:- Which has become the first clean Sujal state of India?

Answer:- Andaman and Nicobar.

Question 8:- Super Typhoon Nanmadol recently hit Kyushu, the southernmost main island of which country?

Answer:- Japan.

Question 9:- Which state government has decided to introduce compulsory sports period and 'No Bag Day' in schools?

Answer:- Bihar State Government.

Question 10:- Which policy has been launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for business transportation?

Answer:- National Logistics Policy.

Question 11:- The Lieutenant Governor of which union territory has dedicated the 120 feet long national flag to the nation?

Answer:- Jammu and Kashmir.

Question 12:- The new president of SLAM has been elected?

Answer:- Vinod Agarwal.

Question 13:- Who has become the CMD of 'LIC India Limited'?

Answer:- Prasanna Kumar Motupalli.

Question 14:- Recently who has been appointed as a member of IRDAI?

Answer :- Thomas M. Devasia.

Question 15:- Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh has launched a portal of which name to address the grievances of the public?

Answer :- 'CM da haisi' (Let's inform the CM).

Question 16:- Which is the best content providing channel of Telegram?

down - competition mirror

Question 17- Recently Adobe has acquired Figma Design Platform for how many million dollars?

Answer – 20 million dollars.

Question 18- Recently, where has Army Chief Manoj Pandey inaugurated the Kargil International Marathon?

Answer – Ladakh.

Question 19- Where has the first multiplex been opened in Jammu and Kashmir recently?

Answer – Srinagar.

Question 20- Recently where the Lieutenant Governor has launched the “Community Policing Initiative We Care”?

Answer- New Delhi.

Question 21- Recently, where has launched the “CM The Hansi” portal (informing the Chief Minister) for the grievances of the common people?

Answer – Manipur, Imphal.

Question 22- Recently in which state Adani Green has started 325 MW wind power project?

Answer – Madhya Pradesh.

Question 23- Recently which city of Uttar Pradesh has been declared as the first SCO tourism and cultural capital?

Answer – Varanasi.

Question 24- Recently which state has topped in pending cases in fast track court?

Answer – Uttar Pradesh State.

Question 25- Recently who has been made the Secretary of the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare?

Answer- Vijay Kumar (IAS officer).

Question 26- Recently which state has celebrated “Disaster Risk Reduction” day in memory of the devastating earthquake on 18 September?

Answer – Sikkim State.

Question 27- Recently Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is on a three-day official visit to which country?

Answer- Egypt.

Question 28- Recently when has the International Deaf Week started?

Answer – 19 September.

Question 29- Recently which country has emerged as the largest lender to Sri Lanka, overtaking China?

North India.

Question 30- Recently which Bangladesh cricketer has announced his retirement from Test cricket?

Answer: Rubal Hussain.


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