Most Important GK Questions For Government Examination

 ️Most important questions

What is the biggest source of Indian Constitution

Ans -1935 Government of India Act

Which committee recommended for constitutional recognition of Panchayati Raj Institutions?

Ans- Laxmi Mall Singhvi

️ Who called the Act of 1935 the Right to Slavery

Ans - Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Who was the constitutional advisor of the Constituent Assembly

Ans- Sir B.N Rao

When is Law Day celebrated?

Ans -26 November

In which article the word cabinet is mentioned?

Ans-Article 352

When was the national flag hoisted for the first time?

Ans. 26 January 1930

️ Under which article the restriction of religious education in teacher institutions was imposed?

Ans- Article 28

In which Congress session Purna Swaraj was declared?

Ans. Lahore 1929

By which constitutional amendment was the age of the voter reduced from 21 years to 18 years?

Ans. 61 Constitutional Amendment 1989

️ From which state Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was a member of the Constituent Assembly?

Ans -Mumbai

️ Who designed the national flag?

Ans – Pingali Venkaiah

Who is called Manu of modern India?

Ans- Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar

️ Can call a joint sitting of both the houses


️Which article comes under the right against exploitation

Ans -Article 23- 24

️Fundamental rights are taken from the constitution of which country?

Ans - America

By which constitutional amendment Delhi was given the status of national capital

Ans - By 69th Constitutional Amendment

Q. The Indian who was the first Governor General of independent India?

Answer C. Rajagopalachari

Q. Who said first that, "Freedom is my birthright"?

Answer: Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Q. By what name is Mohenjodaro also known?

north mount of dead

'Q. Whose work is 'Shahnama'?

north paradise

Q. Who is credited for the establishment of Fatehpur Sikri?

Answer: Akbar

Q. Who was the first man to climb Mount Everest? ,

Ans. Tenzing Norgay

Q. Which is the world's largest desert?

Ans. Sahara Desert

Q. Which is the first artificial satellite to orbit the earth?

Ans. sputnik 1

Q. Which country has the largest number of armed forces?

Ans. China

Q. Who was the first Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission?

Ans. Gulzari Lal Nanda

Q. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution, reservation has been given for Scheduled Castes and Tribes in the Lok Sabha?


Q. Which court performs the functions of the jurisdiction of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep?

Ans. Kerala High Court

Rulers of the Mughal dynasty and their reign


1526 to 1530 AD (4 years)


1530 to 1540 AD and 1555 to 1556 AD) (about 11 years)


1556 to 1605 AD (49 years)


1605 to 1627 AD (22 years)


1627 to 1658 AD (31 years)


1658 to 1707 AD (49 years)

Bahadur Shah I

1707 to 1712 AD (5 years)


1712 to 1713 AD (1 year)


1713 to 1719 AD (6 years)


February 1719 to June 1719 AD (4 months)


June 1719 to September, 1719 AD (4 months)


1719 AD (few days)

Muhammad Ibrahim

1719 AD (few days)

Muhammad Shah Roshan Akhtar

1719 to 1748 AD (29 years)


1748 to 1754 AD (6 years)

Alamgir II

1754 to 1759 AD (5 years)

Shah Alam II

1759 to 1806 AD (47 years)

Akbar II

1806 to 1837 AD (31 years)

Bahadur Shah II

1837 to 1858 AD (21 years)

Q1-Which river is called the mourning of India?

- workmanship

Q2- Which river is called the mourning of Bihar?

- Kosi

Q3-Which river is called the mourning of Bengal??

- Damodar

Q4-Which river is called the mourning of Assam?

- Brahmaputra

Q5-Which river is called the mourning of Odisha?

- Brahmani


Q6-Which river is called the mourning of Jharkhand?

- Damodar

Q7-Which river is called the mourning of China??

- hong ho

Q8- What is called 'Oil River'?

- to Niger

Q9- The Yellow River is called??

- hong ho

Q10- Kali/Mahakali is called??

- Sharda river


Q11- The world's largest river is??

- Neel(6650KM)

Q12-The largest river of India is??

- The River Ganges

Q13-The shortest river in the world is??

-D River(USA)

Q14-Which river is there in the world, in which fish is not found?

- Jordan River

Q15 Which is the largest river in the world by volume of water?

- Amazon River

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