Important Science Question 22 September 2022


Important Science Question

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Q. Where is the National Institute of Immunology located?

Ans :- New Delhi

Q. Where is the DNA Finger Printing and Diagnosis Center established?

Ans :- Hyderabad

Q. Which was the first educational satellite of India?

Ans – Edusat

Q. Which was the first remote sensing satellite of India?

Ans :- IRS1A

Q. Which was the first experimental satellite of India?

Ans :- Apple

Q. When was Mangalyaan launched by India?

Ans :- On 5th November 2013

Q. What is the name of the first satellite fully built in India which was launched on 18 July 1980?

Ans :- Rohini-1st

Q. Where was India's first private forensic DNA laboratory established?

Ans :- Gurgaon

Q. In which year did the new science and technology policy come?

Ans :- In 2003

Q. In which year the new National Technology Policy came?

Ans :- In 1993

Q. Where is the master controller facility of ISRO?

Ans :- In Karnataka

Q. Which first Indian specialized defense satellite was successfully launched on August 29, 2013?

Ans :- GSAT -7

Q. What is radar used for?

Ans :- Identifying and locating distant objects

Q. In which year the first Indian satellite 'Aryabhata' was launched?

Ans :- In 1975

Q. Which is India's first microwave remote sensing satellite?

Ans :- RISAT-1

Q. Where is the proposal to set up the world's first integrated solar combined cycle power plant?

Ans :- Jodhpur

Q. In which state of India was the country's first nuclear explosion done?

Ans – In Rajasthan

Q. Indian and Russian scientists successfully launched a supersonic cruise missile. what was his name ?

Ans :- Brahmos

Q. What is the name of the light combat aircraft developed by India in its own country?

Ans :- Tejas

Which satellite is capable of sending images in day, night and cloud cover?

Ans :- Risat


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