Important Lakes in India | भारत में महत्वपूर्ण झीलें


Important Lakes in India

Important lakes of Jammu and Kashmir

1. Dal Lake - Jammu and Kashmir

2. Wular Lake - Jammu and Kashmir

3. Berinag Lake - Jammu and Kashmir

4. Manas Bal Lake - Jammu and Kashmir

5. Nagin Lake - Jammu and Kashmir

6. Sheshnag Lake - Jammu and Kashmir

7. Anantnag Lake - Jammu and Kashmir

Important Lakes of Rajasthan

1. Rajsamand Lake - Rajasthan

2. Lake Pichola - Rajasthan

3. Sambhar Lake - Rajasthan

4. Jaisamand Lake - Rajasthan

5. Fatehsagar Lake - Rajasthan

6. Didwana Lake - Rajasthan

7. Lunkaransar Lake - Rajasthan


Important lakes of Uttarakhand

1. Sattal Lake - Uttarakhand

2. Nainital Lake - Uttarakhand

3. Raksatal Lake - Uttarakhand

4. Malatal Lake - Uttarakhand

5. Devtal Lake - Uttarakhand

6. Naukuchiatal Lake - Uttarakhand

7. Kharpatal Lake - Uttarakhand

Other Lakes of India

Hussainsagar Lake - Andhra Pradesh

Kolleru Lake - Andhra Pradesh

Vembanad Lake - Kerala

Ashtamudi Lake - Kerala

Periyar Lake - Kerala

Lonar Lake - Maharashtra

Pulicat Lake - Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh

Loktak Lake - Manipur

Chilka Lake - Orissa

Most important question ️

Q. 1 Where is the headquarters of “WHO (World Health Organisation)” located?

Answer. Geneva, Switzerland)⬅

Q. 2 Construction of "Grand Trunk Road" in India

By whom was it done?

Ans. Sher Shah Suri⬅

Q. 3 Who is the "first female referee" of ICC?

Ans. GS Lakshmi⬅

Q. 4 When was "NITI Aayog" established?

Ans. January 1, 2015⬅

Q. 5 How many times has India reached the “One Day Cricket World Cup Final”?

Ans. three times⬅

Q. 6 Who built the "Buland Darwaza"?

Ans. Akbar⬅

Q. 7 Who gave the "theory of relativity"?

Ans. Albert Einstein⬅

Q. 8 Bhupen Hazarika is related to which state?

Ans. Assam⬅

Q.9 What is the full form of "UIDAI"?

Ans. Unique Identification Authority of India⬅

Q.10. Where is the headquarter of I SRO located?

Ans. Bangalore⬅


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