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Sunday, August 21, 2022

Jalore Dalit Student Death: कैसे हुई दलित छात्र की मौत, बाल आयोग सौंपेगा रिपोर्ट


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Jalore Student Death: The State Child Rights Protection Commission will submit its report to the state government today in the case of the death of a Dalit student due to the alleged beating of a teacher in a school in Jalore, Rajasthan. According to a member of the commission, it has been told that it is yet to be decided whether the beating of the nine-year-old student in this case was due to caste discrimination or not.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Taj Mahal Rooms: ताजमहल के बंद 22 कमरों में क्या राज़ छिपे हैं?


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Are secrets hidden in some of the locked rooms of the Taj Mahal, one of the world's most famous and great monuments?  The judges of the Allahabad High Court in Uttar Pradesh do not think so.  On Thursday, the High Court dismissed the petition filed by a member of India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.  

In this petition, there was a demand to open more than twenty permanently closed rooms of the Taj Mahal so that the 'truth of the monument' can come out.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Mother’s Day Special: कैसे हुई मदर्स-डे मनाने की शुरुआत और कौन थी एना जॉर्विस


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Among the many relationships of life, a child has the most special relationship with the mother.  From giving birth to a child, in every happiness and sorrow, it is the mother who always stands by the child.  

By the way, it is very difficult for anyone to describe the importance of mother in life in words.  That is why on the occasion of Mother's Day we are going to tell how Mother's Day started.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

How To Save Money on Petrol Using The Indian Oil One App


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The  IndiаnОil  ОNE  is  the  оnly  арр  yоu  need  fоr  аll  yоur  Fuel  relаted  needs.  It's  intuitive  аnd  eаsy-tо-use  interfасe  emроwers  yоu  tо  ассess  yоur  IndiаnОil  LРG  ассоunt  ,  yоur  IndiаnОil  XTRАREWАRDS  Lоyаlty  саrd  аs  well  аs  Рetrоl  рumр  infоrmаtiоn  аll  frоm  а  single  рlасe.  hоw  tо  sаve  mоney  frоm  рetrоl?

Friday, April 29, 2022

Electricity Crisis: गर्मी के मौसम में कोयले का संकट, बस इतने दिन की बिजली बाकी?


India News, Today News, Bharat News, news today, news video, aaj ki khabar, news india, Coal Crisi

On one hand, the heat wave continues in the country, while the railways has taken a big decision in view of the shortage of coal in the midst of the rising heat.  In fact, due to the increase in the demand for electricity, the consumption of coal has also increased, so many states have only a few days of coal left.  

To deal with this situation, the Railways has canceled about 753 passenger trains for the next one month.  So that coal can be easily transported to the states.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Khirodhar Prasad: 42 साल और दस किलो के खिरोधर प्रसाद काफ़ी कुछ सिखा सकते हैं

hindi news, news in hindi, Physical, Physical disability, Khirodhar, Hazaribagh, फिजिकल, विकलांग, झारखंड

These are Khirodhar Prasad.  The age is 42 years and the weight is only ten kilograms and 80 percent of his body is not working.  And he is largely dependent on his mother for his daily needs.  Khirodhar lives in Bara village of Hazaribagh in Jharkhand.  And this journey hasn't been easy

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

PAN Card कैसे बनवाएं, क्या इसे घर बैठे बनवाया जा सकता है, हर सवाल का जवाब

PAN Card, hindi news, news in hindi, How to make PAN Card, Personal Finance, पैन, पैन कार्ड, पैन कार्ड कैसे बनवाएं

We all must know the answer to the question of how important a PAN card is. If you want to file income tax return, you need PAN card, if you want to deposit money in banks, you need PAN card, if you want to buy property, you need PAN card.  

There are many other tasks for which you will need it.  But how will this PAN card be made?  To make a PAN card, you will also see many pamphlets or posters in the shops, but if you want to make a PAN card, then we will give something.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Monday, April 4, 2022

Lucknow की Mumtaz Khan ने भारत का नाम किया रौशन, Hockey Women's Junior WC में खेलेंगी Tournament


Mumtaz Khan, Women Hockey Player, Mumtaz, Hockey Women's Junior WC, Lucknow Hockey Girl, mumtaz khan, mumtaz khan hockey, 19 year old mumtaz khan

Hockey Women's Junior WC: Whenever we are not successful in life, we always refer to the circumstances, complain about the lack of resources, but ignoring all these things, Mumtaz Khan, the daughter of a modest vegetable seller, has shown.  Rajdhani's daughter and hockey player Mumtaz Khan has been selected in the Indian team for the Junior Women's Hockey World Cup.  

Mumtaz is the only player from Uttar Pradesh to make it to the Indian team for this cup to be held in South Africa from April 1 to 12.  There is a different atmosphere of happiness and pride in the family.

Friday, April 1, 2022

Bihar Board 10 Result 2022 Topper Triveni Narayan: खेतों में काम करते हुए बनाई टॉप 10 में जगह Rohtas


Triveni Narayan, Triveni Narayan Priya, triveni narayan priya, Rohtas, bihar board 10th result, bihar board 10th result 2022, त्रिवेणी नारायण ने 478, डेहरी का त्रिवेणी नारायण, Bihar Result Declared

Bihar Board 10 Result 2022 Topper Triveni Narayan: Students of Gangoli Secondary School, Dehri on Sone, Rohtas district.  Triveni has made her place in the top 10 in the matriculation examination.  

Along with this, he has also become the topper of his district.  Making Triveni's place in the top 10 is also special because along with his studies, he also helps in farming with his father's farmer.  

Triveni Narayan has secured the title of Car District Topper with 478 marks.  District topper Triveni Narayan Priya's father Hanuman Mahato is a farmer and he does agriculture work on his small land to run his family as well as provide education to his children.  

Triveni is the number 5 child among his 11 siblings.  He did tuition and online studies in the village itself.  There is an atmosphere of happiness in the area after this achievement of Triveni.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Baba Ramdev पर टूटा मुसीबतों का पहाड़ एक SMS ने कर दिया बर्बाद पूरी Company को अब होगी बंद


baba, ramdev, baba ramdev yoga, pranayam, news, समाचार, today news, खबर

Baba Ramdev ji makes the whole world headstand, but now one of his companies himself has come in the position of Shree rule, has spoiled the condition of the company in an SMS, it would not be wrong to say that in today's date Baba Ramdev is doing yoga.  

If you know, he is also one of the biggest business man in our country, he has many companies which promote many types of products, meanwhile, a new company of his, Ruchi Soya SPO, came in the state of governance only a few days after the launch.  

The situation has come in an SMS for this company which is heavy it was issued by the company to attract the investor but it breaks the SMS rule against the guidelines it is the wrong way to fulfill the investor whose  Under this, everyone has been ordered to exit from this company, he has registered a case against Ruchi Soya SDO and has also given the option to the investor that if he wants, he can exit from this company.  

It is being said that a company of Baba Ramdev was swinging due to less investors and from now on the wicket order has increased for this company.  The situation has become worse, the SP of the company and which was 3.6 horse, it has come down to 2.5, outside the instructions of SEBI, now investors are exiting this company and there has been chaos, the date of unsubscribing this company.

The last date is until the investors who want to exit from this company can leave, then it is believed that the company is going through a very bad phase, let us tell you that the Ruchi Soya company which is a part of Patanjali, it is the country's largest company.  Baba Ramdev was launched as a big soya oil company

Monday, March 28, 2022

2000 Rs मे 1 लीटर दूध और 500 मे 1kg चावल ऐसे मे India ने करी 500 Million Dollar की Help Sri Lanka की


Sri Lanka is moving towards poverty, people are having trouble living there because the size of Sri Lanka's currency has fallen a lot, that is why everything is being found in expensive prices, where 1 liter of milk costs ₹ 2000.  

While rice is getting ₹ 500 kg and don't even talk about diesel and petrol, the condition is that people have to stand in line for diesel and petrol and force has to be deployed there to handle this situation.  Meanwhile, India has come once again to help its neighboring country.  

Has extended a helping hand to India, funds have been given to Sri Lanka, so that the people of Sri Lanka will meet their daily needs and daily needs  Million dollars have been given as a line of credit to Sri Lanka to help the people there S Jaishankar Recently  had reached Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka while returning from Maldives and stayed at Indian Oil in Colombo, Down-Town, 

Sri Lanka and from there he got information about how bad the situation is, people were told how there are long queues for petrol and diesel and three people  It was because of this that he stood in the line for hours and don't even talk about Francis, the practice of everything is touching the sky, a few days ago it was reported that now people have migrated from Sri Lanka.  has started and it is believed that many Sri Lankans can go to India during this period.

Bharat Bandh: केरल-बंगाल में दिखा भारत बंद का असर, रेलवे ट्रैक किया ब्लॉक, लोगों को हुई परेशानी


Bharat bandh timing, Central trade union, Nationwide Strike, Bharat Bandh today, Bharat Bandh, Bharat Bandh news, भारत बंद, Bharat Bandh latest news

Bharat Bandh: A two-day nationwide strike (Bharat Bandh) of trade unions has started from today in protest against the change in labor laws and the decision of privatization of the Centre.  During this time, its impact was seen in banks and many industrial sectors.  

Let us tell you that the maximum impact is being seen in West Bengal and Kerala.  In the wake of this strike by various trade unions in Bengal, members of the Left gathered in large numbers at Kolkata's Jadavpur railway station and blocked the railway track.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Big Breaking | Chaina के बाद Corona ने इन 2 देशो में मचाई तबाही


corona, omicron, latest, news, high court, controversy, karnataka burkha, viral video

It was heard earlier that the government is removing all the restrictions regarding corona and it will not be necessary to wear a mask, international flights have been started and it is being said that the caller tune of your creation will also be removed.  

But in the meantime, once again shocking news is coming about Corona, the effect of compassion is re-reading in some countries and 34 are facing waves, heard that the channel follows, has locked its fans, now the channel's  

The largest city is said to be going to the union, in the last few times there have been cases and this is the reason that now the government has to decide that the trial has been put in the union and after that the government will take D but suddenly in Shanghai  Cases of Kuna have increased, after which the government has imposed many crushes, has refused to take public transport and private can go next door only when there is an emergency work, so in this way, now many people in China are going one after the other.  

Lock downs are taking place in all the cities, that too in UK, it is being said that the cases of new variant of ko rona are increasing rapidly and are being kept in the hospital.  The road has been empty, it is difficult to sit down, now if we talk about India, till now it was fine in India, but this time in Delhi, 

There were more cases of compassion in 24 hours and there was death due to 24 hours, according to the report last  There is a level jump in Delhi, that's why it is not possible in our country only, many international flights have also been canceled, that's why many Indian students got stuck in China.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Uttarakhand: उत्तराखंड की पहली महिला विस अध्यक्ष बनीं Ritu Khanduri


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BJP MLA from Kotdwar Ritu Khanduri Bhushan has been elected unopposed for the post of Speaker of the fifth assembly of Uttarakhand.  She is the first woman speaker of the state assembly.  Ritu Khanduri Bhushan was unanimously elected Speaker of the Assembly under the chairmanship of Protem Speaker Banshidhar Bhagat.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Coronavirus 4th Wave In India?


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RRR Movie Review Delhi: दर्शकों को पसंद आई राजामौली की RRR


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RRR Movie Review Delhi: The most awaited film for the last two years, the film 'Roudram Ranam Rudhiram' i.e. 'RRR' has reached the theaters.  Before the release of the Hindi version of the film, there have been no shows anywhere other than Mumbai.  

So everyone is waiting for the first show at 9 am on Friday and also whether the film 'RRR' will be able to live up to the brand name of director SS Rajamouli.  According to the initial reviews of the film after watching the Telugu version of the film, the film 'RRR' has won the hearts of the Telugu audience.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

TKF मे Pallavi Joshi ने जिस Nivedita Menon का किरदार निभाया ये वही है जिसने JNU ने भारत को गालिया दी


Nivedita Menon, JNU Professor, Delhi University, DU, Du Cut Off List, Runway34, New Release, Ajay Devgan, Amitabh Bachchan

Children can learn about their country in school and college, learn about the world, learn how great our country is, but do you know that there is a college in our country where anti-national things were taught and this thing should be done.  

We like seen in Kashmir Files In Kashmir Files, Pallavi Joshi plays the role of a professor who tells students anti-India things in his talks, due to which the anti-India thinking inside the students also increases and he is against India.  

Work, support anti-India activities and raise their voice on them, many such things have happened in JNU of Delhi and this character of Pallavi Joshi is based on a professor teaching in JNU, Delhi, this professor is Nivedita  Menon Pallavi Joshi often played the character of Radhika Menon in the film It was about Nivedita Menon Nivedita Menon gave a speech in front of the children in JNU in 2016 and in this piece she said anti-India things In this piece she said that  

The whole world knows that India is forcibly  Wants to make Kashmir his own, not only that, he also said in his speech that Manipur was also put under pressure in India and made his part and this is the condition of Nagaland as well. 

Nivedita said many anti-India things in her speech and this  Thousands of students listened, during the speech, think particle by particle anti-India things that are put in the minds of children, then it acts as a slow poison, till these children mature, they grow up in their minds.  

All the things get collected and after that we see how the anti-India people inside India come to the fore, after this peach face, action was demanded against Nivedita Menon, a case was also filed against her.  

Nivedita had given another speech in which she said that the relation which is Hindu is a very violent relation, it is a very dangerous relation, in this way she had talked about Hindus and this is her thinking about Hindus, now it is a matter of wonder.  

This is when college professors will teach such things.  If I sit and talk against India, then why won't anti-India thinking come in the youth and why people haven't told such things till now, a rote story was told to us about Kashmir because they didn't talk about the other end.  

And now when Kashmir Files talked about them, people said that this is the thinking that this is the agenda, whereas every scene of this film has been done in real, reel and real copy can be seen like this character who Pallavi played in the film.  She is based on Nivedita Menon by the name of Nibhaya Radhika Menon.

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