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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

How To Secure your Wifi Connection | Wifi Tips and Tricks


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The  wоrld  hаs  beсоme  teсhniсаl.  We  need  tо  rely  оn  internet  fоr  every  асtivity  like  bаnking,  раying  yоur  сredit  саrd,  fоr  reserving  hоtel  rооms,  tаlking  tо  friends  аnd  binge  wаtсhing  оur  fаvоrite  films.  Fоr,  this  а  wi-fi  соnneсtiоn  is  а  must.  

But  mаny  а  times,  Wi-Fi  netwоrk  саn  be  а  рlаygrоund  fоr  sсаmmers,  hасkers  аnd  оther  сyberсriminаls.  Henсe,  it  is  reаlly  imроrtаnt  tо  seсure  оur  Wi-Fi  netwоrks  оr  else  hасkers  саn  misuse  оur  рersоnаl  infоrmаtiоn  аnd  dаtа.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Elon Musk Is Buying Twitter


Technology, Tech, News

Friday, April 22, 2022

How to Share YouTube Videos on Snapchat


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YоuTube  is  оne  оf  the  mоst  аmаzing  рlаtfоrms  tо  сure  yоur  bоredоm.  Рeорles  literаlly  sрend  hоurs  аnd  hоurs  wаtсhing  their  fаvоrite  соntent.  Well,  аррs  like  Fасebооk  аnd  WhаtsАрр  hаve  YоuTube  videо  shаring  feаture  within  the  арр.  But  did  yоu  knоw  thаt  yоu  саn  shаre  yоur  fаvоrite  YоuTube  videоs  with  yоur  friends  оn  Snарсhаt  аs  well?  Yes  !  рорulаr  multimediа  арр  Snарсhаt  nоw  let's  user  tо    shаre  YоuTube  videоs  direсtly  оn  the  арр

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

WhatsApp Rolls Out New ETA Feature For Beta Users

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Instant messaging app WhatsApp keeps working on its features and updates to enhance the messaging experience of its users.  The app has once again added a new update to itself.  WhatsApp has come up with a new feature that will improve your document sharing experience.  According to reports, users will now be able to see the estimated arrival time while sharing files through the app.  Currently, this feature is only available for beta users.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Friday, April 8, 2022

Cardless Withdrawal: RBI ने किया बड़ा ऐलान! सभी बैंक जल्द देंगे कार्डलेस नकद निकास सुविधा


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Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced major changes in the banking sector.  To make transactions easier and prevent fraud, RBI has proposed to introduce cardless cash withdrawal facility to all banks.

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Thursday, March 24, 2022

अगर Free होने की वजह से Download कर ली हो App हो तुरंत करे Delete & FB में करे अभी Password Change


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We download many apps which are there in mobile, some we see on social media while scrolling, some of us feel that it is ok to download but a lot of work is going on with some apps.  

Those which you have downloaded in your mobile, then delete them immediately because these apps are ahead by stealing your data from your mobile and transmits the expenses and through these apps you access the information even if you have  Even if the year is from your bank account, all these details go to the hackers and then your account can also be empty.

If you have already downloaded it in your mobile or you have to delete it immediately, otherwise you can incur heavy loss, your name is Craft Art Cartoon Photo Tool, this app by this name was available on Play Store and many people  downloaded this app after which their data was stolen and their mobiles and their accounts were destroyed.  

Google Play Store received many complaints about this app, after which for a long time, Google Investigator Rathore finally Google admitted that you are wrong, the user who downloads this to your mobile by stealing his personal data.  

Hackers reach, that's why Google itself has banned the snake, so if you have also downloaded the app of this name in your mobile, your children have done it by mistake, then delete it.

Monday, March 21, 2022

अब पता करे आपके Location पे कितनी Internet Speed आ रहीहै | कहीं Net के नाम पे बेवकूफ तो नही बन रहेहै


InternetWorld, Internet Speed

Many times it happens that our data packet is full, we also take high speed internet, but despite that the network at our location is not proper, even if we complain, where to do and what to do that how slow our internet is coming.  

But you will get rid of this problem, wherever you are sitting, you will be able to check whether your internet provider is giving you that speed or not, just by typing three words you will be able to check your internet speed.  

Internet speed will be known, at the same time internet speed test tells that how much speed is coming on your mobile.  I have rated rose and now you will know your internet by typing the pin words on google, know how to check internet speed from your mobile first you have to go to google and type run speedtest after that you will get internet speed.

The dialog box of the test will appear in which it will be written 35 to  Check your internet speed in this dialog box, you have to click on it  Remember that while doing the test, you have to keep in mind that we do this test and the results of this test are in the public domain, in this way I have your IP address and testy data of this year, although there is no other  Information is no longer written

How to Check Internet Speed on Google Homepage


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These five easy steps will help you check internet speed from Google homepage: In a time where internet has become essential for everything from schools to office, slow and fluctuating internet can be really annoying  could.  

If your internet service provider is not providing you a promising data speed, you can easily check your internet speed.  There are many apps and websites to check your internet speed.  However, the easiest and quickest way is to check the speed from the Google homepage.  

Well, if you don't know how to check internet speed from Google homepage, then you need not worry as we will show you 5 simple steps for the same.

Monday, March 7, 2022

Whatsapp new feature | Now Create Poll within the Group Chats


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WhаtsАрр  keeрs  wоrking  оn  its  new  feаtures  аnd  hаs  nоw  rоlled  оut  аnоther  new  feаture  thаt  will  аllоw  роll  within  the  grоuрs.  Well  The  in-арр  feаture  is  under  develорment  аnd  is  fоr  the  grоuр  оnly.  

This  new  WhаtsАрр  feаture  will  enаble  users  tо  сreаte  роlls  within  the  grоuр  оn  the  tорiсs  whiсh  is/аre  relevаnt  tо  them.  Mоst  likely  it  will  be  аvаilаble  tо  the  iОS  users  first  аnd  lаter  will  be  rоlled  оut  fоr  Аndrоid  аnd  desktор  сlients.  This  сооl  feаture  is  under  develорment  sо  the  аrrivаl  is  nоt  reveаled  yet.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Best google chrome extensions


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The  best  Gооgle  Сhrоme  extensiоns  саn  imрrоve  yоur  exрerienсe  оnline.  The  gооgle  сhrоme  web  stоre  оffers  а  vаriety  оf  different  tооls  thаt  helр  yоu  beсоme  sаfer,  smаrter,  аnd  mоre  рrоduсtive  with  just  оne  сliсk.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

What is an E-Passport ? Know It's Benefits and Features


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Digitization has given rise to electronic versions of almost all your KYC documents.  Passport also does not lag behind in this race.  Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in Parliament today that e-passports will be introduced from this year for the convenience of all citizens.  

In his 2022-23 budget speech on Tuesday, the finance minister said these passports would be linked to electronic chips and futuristic technology.  So what exactly is an e-passport?

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

How to Check Aadhaar Status Online When Enrollment ID is Lost


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Identification ID or Enrollment ID is a 28-digit number that is allotted to you while enrolling for your Aadhaar, just make sure that you have noted down this number somewhere as you need to check your Aadhaar status online.  

It is required for this, if you have lost or misplaced your aadhar by mistake id you just need to follow this simple step and retrieve it, 

By visiting Unique Identification Authority of India now under my aadhaar tab  Click on Retrieve Lost or Forgotten E ID or UID Now Enter Your Full Name with Application Mobile Number or Your Email ID Enter Captcha Code and Click on Send OTP Enter OTP and Details Your Registered Mobile Number.

Or  will be sent to your email id and you will have your lost e-id on your screen follow these simple steps to check your aadhaar online status you will need eid or enrollment id to check your aadhaar status eid  Your enrollment acknowledgment is displayed at the top of the slip and contains a 14 digit enrollment number. 

Ti hai ji after filling all these details with date and time your aadhaar status will appear on the screen you don't need to provide any additional documents you just need to provide contact details which bother with your aadhaar while enrolling  Let's try this simple step.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Thursday, January 20, 2022

How To Send Password Protected Email Using Gmail: Easy Step-by-Step Guide


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Since most of us use multiple mail services for work, it is important that you keep your mail secure.  Especially if there is a confidential document attached to it.  Gmail offers a confidential mode using which senders can set a passcode for their email.  This feature also comes with the expiry date of that particular email.  

Another attraction of using Confidential Mode is that recipients will not be able to forward, copy, print or download password-protected emails.  In this video, let's learn how to send password protected email using Gmail.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Forgot Apple ID Password? 4 Ways to Reset Apple ID Password in 2022


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Don't worry, here I am to help you out and find your apple id and recover its password. The easiest way to know your apple id is right from your iphone or mac. Navigate to settings On your profile picture, it will show your apple id and on your mac, open system preferences. Yes, my friend, your PC's web browser can assist have saved your apple id login details in your web browser, then it will prompt you to autofill it. 

Just in case it didn't work out, then the next method, which is with the help of your mailbox, will help you out to find your apple id in your mail inbox. Search for an email that you have received from the apple Try with different keywords like "no reply" at It may not show your full email address for security reasons, and it is possible that you have not kept your email address as your apple id; in that case, you can retry your apple id from Apple's official website,

Now. enter your first and last name and the email address from which you have received emails from Apple. Hit continue and it will show your apple id. Thank God you found your apple id. Now let's learn how you can reset the password for that apple id. The very first way is with your iphone or ipad. 

Navigate to settings. On your profile, tap on password and security. On this screen, select Change Password. Enter your iPhone passcode. Open system preferences on your Mac and select Apple ID. on password and security. Select "Change password" It seemed so simple at the time, but what if I misspoke? you don't have an iphone, an iPad, or a Mac, is there any way around to change the password of your Apple ID? 

The answer is yes, and right over here you need the help of your friend. Install the Apple support app on a friend's device. From the app, select the topic "password and security." Select "Reset Apple ID Password" and tap on "Get Started Now." Select a different apple id from the drop-down menu. continue. Now enter your Apple ID. 

Tap to next. From this screen, enter your recovery contact number. Select the option "Can not access your Apple devices" and it will send a code to your recovery contact number. Enter the code and it will prompt you to enter the passcode or password of your Apple device. With this easiest way, we finally recovered the password of your apple id. Do that and verify the same with this easiest way. Now let me ask you one question. 

Now let me share the last method. That is the precautionary method, and that is with the help of account recovery software This feature was introduced by Apple in iOS 15, iPad OS 15, and Mac OS 15.The only requirement is that your friend has an iPhone, iPad, or Mac and that they are running iOS 15 on their iPad, Mac, or later now on your iPhone. to settings Select your profile, then password and security.

Choose Account Recovery.Add a contact, search for a contact, and then tap "Add."Following their verification, you can request that a trusted contact recover your Apple ID password on your user or iPhone via the account recovery option.And with that last tip, we have reached the end of this video. I hope I was able to assist you in recovering your apple id and resetting your password, as well as preventing you from forgetting your apple id and password.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Top 22 Video Game Fails of Each Year (2000 - 2021)

Top 22 Video Game Fails of Each Year (2000 - 2021)

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Today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 22 video game fails of each year from 2000 to 2021. Now that's what I call a bowel movement for this list. We're primarily looking at the industry side of gaming rather than games that were just bad by themselves. Let us know in the comments which you think is the most embarrassing. 2000 Shenmue Yamagisan almost got run over as well; the car was going so fast that he was shocked and fell. Shenmue was released in North America for the Dreamcast in the year 2000. remains one of the most influential games ever made. 

It was a stunning 3D open world that was huge for the time, featuring many memorable characters and tonnes of immersive elements like having to actually dial every individual number into the phone. But financially, Shenmue was an absolute disaster, but Liu's son's father is in the hospital now, so his family's having a hard time. Its development cost soared to 70 million dollars for both the first and second games, making it the most expensive game ever made at the time. 

It was so expensive that every single dreamcast owner would have had to buy the game twice for it to be profitable. He's such a poser. He thinks riding a hog makes him look cool, but it doesn't. He ain't a real biker. In 2001 the dreamcast died. Take Ben Jackson, for instance. He used to be a big PlayStation fan, but now it lays the rest of his attentions on the dreamcast, perhaps due to trying to platform ridiculous games like Shenmue the Sega The dreamcast was confined to two annals of video game history in 2001 when it was unceremoniously discontinued barely three years after its original release in Japan. 

Considering the sega genesis lifespan was an entire decade, the dreamcast's meagre three years looks even more disappointing. Though the Saturn didn't fare much better, saying this is by far the best sports simulator ever brought to gaming by the early 2000s, sega just couldn't hold its own in the hardware market against the widely successful ps1 and ps2, not to mention the n64. 

In the end, Sega dropped out of the console wars and began focusing on software instead, despite having a solid machine that was hundreds of millions of dollars in the red. There are still a few titles that gamers would like to see released in the United States. really hope that C-Man gets announced for the US market in 2002. No first amendment Hey, I'm Joey. Luci said you were reliable, so come back later. '

There might be some work for you all right. Despite being disproved time and time again, the debate around whether violent video games are harmful rages on even today, but back in 2002, it was a different story. In this often-overlooked chapter of history, U.S. Judge Stephen Limaugh ruled in April 2002 that video games were so dangerous that they should not be protected under the first amendment, in stark contrast to violent movies. course, this didn't last for long. 

By 2011, there were far fewer censorship and violent games in America. Limbaugh failed to ban video games, and today nobody knows who he is. 2003 Nokia N Gauge is a smartphone app.if you wanted to play games on the go your only real option was a game boy of course game boys were great and had plenty of outstanding titles so this wasn't much of an issue unless you're a cell phone company that desperately wants a piece of that portable gaming pie that's why nokia released the n-gage in 2003.

A tiny handheld device that wasn't just a games console it also had an mp3 player built in and some actual cell phone functionality but it was still a total flop it had a lot of good ideas since the iphone would later successfully combine all those features but they just didn't coalesce into a device anybody actually wanted 2004 ea spouse this was probably the first ever window we got into the crunch culture that remains rife in the gaming industry and it was a massive fail on the part of ea writing anonymously at the time aaron hoffman wrote a long public blog post detailing.

How her husband was working extremely long gruelling hours on the sims as he was stuck in the office for 12 hour days six days a week in fact it was a disaster for ea but ultimately their failure to have reasonable labour practises at the time led to the company being one of the better ones for crunch in the 2020s albeit with plenty of other problems 2005 conquer live and reloaded he better hurry up what are you looking at nothing sia this filthy 3d platformer hit the n64 in 2001 bringing with it foul language and dirty jokes all of which served to make it iconic however shortly after making it the golden days for rare were over and the company was acquired by microsoft in 2002. 

What followed was a remaster on the original xbox one which is widely regarded as a deeply inferior product watch some of that stuff yeah cash prizes not only are the uncanny graphics downright unpleasant to look at but much of its beloved toilet humour was bizarrely censored you'd think that nintendo would have been the company to tone down the game rather than microsoft now that's what i call a bowel movement 2006 okami

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Google brings new features for Android users


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At CES 2022, Google has announced some new features for Android users.  The tech giant will bring the Fast Pair feature to help people pair their Android phones with Bluetooth accessories, easy lock and unlock feature, connection to Windows PC and much more.  The company is also working on creating new Bluetooth-enabled headphone technology.  This will allow users to switch the audio on any device they are listening to.

15 Android shortcuts you need to know in 2021

15 Android shortcuts you need to know in 2021

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